Hasta Luego!

As spring 2018 came to an end, the few days between then and my departure for Spain felt like minutes. I haven’t been able to say enough goodbyes or fully prepare myself for this adventure. I want everything to be perfect, but all this overthinking and attempting to get everything done before I leave has been too stressful. I want to go into this trip with the mindset of “go with the flow.” I struggle with having high expectations and don’t want that to impact these next six weeks.

With all the preparing I’ve been trying to get done. I did make some necessary purchases on Amazon and at one of my favorite stores, Target.

1) Inflatable Travel Pillow- can collapse and fit easily in carry on, pump used to inflate


2) Wireless Headphones- don’t have to have wires


3) Immune Support Gummies- the air on planes is full of germs and traveling can weaken the immune system with the lack of sleep and stress


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