Recap of My First Three Weeks Down Under

It’s Tuesday August 8th here in Sydney, and I’m amazed that the first three weeks passed so quickly. What’s even more amazing is how quickly I’ve become comfortable in this great world city, despite, or maybe because of, some of the challenges I’ve faced. Let’s cut to day four in Sydney, a harmless Thursday and my first night out in Sydney. I had a fun night planned with my roommate, his two friends from his home university (Drexel in Philadelphia), and a British friend we made on day one. However, the night didn’t go as smoothly as planned, because I brilliantly managed to lose my phone (or had it pick-pocketed, I’m still unsure as to how it left my pocket). After losing my friends, I had to navigate my way home to my apartment without the assistance of any maps or technology, and amazingly made it back safe and sound.

Fast forward 24 hours, and I decided to order a used Iphone online (an older version than my phone but it would have to do). After 5 days, and two failed attempts for the Australian Postal Service to deliver my phone to me, I finally walked to the furthest of three post offices they could have delivered it to to pick it up. Shockingly, the next day, I received a call on my new phone telling me my old phone had been found and returned to a store of my service provider over an hour away. So, I decided to take the 90 minute trip spanning two bus routes and one train route on the hope that they would have my phone. Thankfully, it was there and I seamlessly returned the new phone for a partial refund. Moral of the story, good things happen when you least expect them, because I never thought I would see my phone again.

On another note, my time so far in Sydney has been riddled with adventure and immersion into the culture. I’ve visited Coogee Beach, a local favorite, a handful of times, walked around the Sydney Harbour (lots of words have extra “u’s” here) and Opera House, met and befriended people from all over the world (from Brazil to Germany to Hong Kong), and finally have begun calling french fries “chips.”

Here’s my first adventure to Coogee Beach!

Here’s a sunset I saw as I was leaving Maroubra Beach, another local favorite.

I look forward to sharing the rest of my adventures with my readers, and I can only hope that the next few months abroad go more smoothly than my first three weeks.

Go Gators!



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