Bittersweet Finale

We just finished our program and the ending came quicker than I anticipated. I always assumed that when people say “it goes by faster than you think,” they were just being cliche and dramatic but I find myself associating with that same phrase. Something that I knew was coming ended up sneaking up on me and now it’s finally time to say goodbye. Not just leaving a class but also leaving classmates, teachers, as well as a culture, and a country.

On the other hand, some part of me feels ready to go home because there are so many things that I miss. One large aspect of my life that I didn’t realize I would miss so much is control over my diet. Over the last year, I have made my own food almost every day. Having to eat food that someone else has made, especially when you have not chosen it, is very difficult when you previously had complete control over your diet.

Something that I definitely will miss though is my class and professors. We talked about riveting topics and I’ll never forget some of those conversations. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a group of people that were so willing to share opinions and debate controversial topics. Luckily, I will still get to see Professora Andreá the program director and one of the Portuguese professors at UF. I’ve never met a more motivated, kind, and open minded professor and I know that all the students from the program were affected by her spirit.

Até Logo Rio! (See you later Rio!)

Professora Andreá and our wonderful TA Marco


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