Views from Paris (Jardin du Luxembourg)

Tall, iron gates- a capsizing presence.  Dirt lined by fresh grass infected by deep red flowers.  Paths in every direction, people humming in every direction, wind blowing in every direction.

In the center of the park, sat on the ground, eyes open, encircled by life.


My left

  • Symmetric line of trees bordering a common area of grass opposing a dirt path used by hundreds daily, history worn into dirt
  • Male and female runner, steps coordinated perfectly, outfits coordinated perfectly, eyes forward, serious faces, no look of fatigue, the only confusion is bestowed upon me
  • Circle of friends on a blanket, wine opened, cheese sliced, joking, pushing one another, each face marked by the sun
  • Woman on back, eyes closed, no movement, book adjacent, page lost

My front

  • Monumental palace, glowing golden by the sunlight, coated with guards, romanticized by hundreds of eyes
  • Bright green metal chairs weighed down by four women, drinking, laughing, strong lipsticks, strong opinions, strong personalities, the French woman
  • Man drags a cigarette, slow, calm, a deliberate strut, dog follows obediently three steps behind, loyalty, routine
  • Overruling pool of water, imitation sailboats inside, children conducting their movement, bodies outlining the pool, intent and focus centered

My right

  • Snap, Snap, Snap. Tourists. Smiling pose, laughing pose, serious pose, hugging pose, jumping pose, kissing pose, candid pose. Pose, Pose, Pose, leave.
  • Man and woman, lying down, kissing, no consciousness of public setting, confident, comfortable
  • Horses decorated with small children parading the park, wide smiles, worried mothers, disinterested horses, strong scent
  • Ever flowing fountains, reflecting the sunlight, reflecting the people, reflecting the placidity


I get up, I turn back, I walk home.  I’ll be back tomorrow.


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