The 411 on the Taj Mahal.

As I left you last week, our group was about to embark to Agra to see one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. Although there have been a myriad of events since that day, I thought you may enjoy hearing a rundown of our visit, and what to know if you ever find yourself heading to the Taj.

First off, from what you hear from other travelers, you would think the Taj Mahal is located right outside of Delhi. In actuality it’s four hours away from Delhi, in Agra. For our group, we took a private bus from Delhi to Agra, along with a tour guide who spoke English and Hindi. Boy was that appreciated.

The other thing people don’t tell you is that white marble is reflective. As in absorbs all the heat from the sun and reflects it back onto you reflective. This made it okay when our guide made our visit rather short, as our group was ready to get back into some shade.

But here is what other tourists do tell you, and what makes this one of the iconic seven wonders.

When you walk into the Taj Mahal, you first walk into a red courtyard. As you enter into the grand doorway leading to the actual Taj Mahal, our guide pointed out the phenomenon of how the Taj seems to appear large, then suddenly floats farther away as you walk closer. It is because of the white marble (once again) that the “Crown Palace” is given its magical quality.

Additionally, you can never get over that surreal feeling of being at such a marvel of the world. You get the sense that you’re in a movie, or your whole day is actually just an elaborate dream. Except it’s not.

Then you walk inside the Taj Mahal, you stand on the marble, see all of the colorful precious stones engraved into the walls, walk around the elaborate marble graves of the Emperor, and end on the banks of the river. Even better? If you get the chance to drive ten minutes down the road to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Agra Red Fort, you can see the entirety of the Taj Mahal, sitting regally on the banks of the water.

So the 2-minute wrap up of the Taj Mahal 411? No matter when you go, it’ll be hot, you’ll be sweating out more water than you’ll drink, your photos might not be your most glamorous because of the sheen on your face, but you’ll love every minute of it. And you’ll never forget your trip to the magical marble palace.

Taj Mahal


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