Capoeira Culture

On Thursday, all of the students had a planned activity to learn capoeira, a Brazilian dance slash fight slash game. With master Feijão (bean) we learned some of the basic moves that are used in capoeira as well as the instrument that is played to keep the rhythm for the capoeiristas. Everyone obviously has a good time even though some had to opt out due to the physical requirements of the movements. Capoeira started in Brazil during the slave trade but because of the lack of written stories, there is not an exact record of its origins.

Many of the moves were very interesting and the art itself was very physically demanding with speed, coordination, and balance apparent. The only aspect of the class that bothered me was the lack of information about the cultural and historical context of capoeira. Although the art is culturally and historically important to many Brazilians, they didn’t teach us anything about that.

Overall, I’m glad that they taught is some capoeira and I feel like everyone got something out of it, even if they were sore the day after.


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