One of the rare, beautiful things in life is when one can experience, see, or truly live their life.  Experiencing just one is a gift.  How often are you in a moment of your life when you are truly experiencing what it is to live?  How often do you physically see life vivid before you?  How often can you say to yourself, “I am living”?  We are given fleeting moments to feel these facets of life, yet it is unusual to simultaneously have all three.

Yet, this weekend, I did.

I traveled to Ibiza with expectations set low.  I wasn’t confident that I would see some friends that I knew were in town, I wasn’t confident if I would figure out the city well, and I wasn’t confident what I was going to do.  I courageously arrived with no plan and a fake sense of confidence.  Within seconds of being in the airport, my first friend found me.  Within ten minutes of talking, we had a plan for the day and for the night.  Within an hour I was on a gorgeous white sand beach next to crystal clear water.  It is funny how you can go about life without truly staying in touch with people, yet friendship, companionship even, is everlasting.  It is funny how you can worry so much about nothing.  It is people like this in my life and moments of clarity that I am always grateful for.

So, we went out that night, my friends and I.  I stood surrounded by hundreds of people, loud music, bright lights, vivid faces, and I knew I was seeing life around me.  So many people in one place with genuine happiness.  Nothing was fake and nothing was forced.  Everyone was truly happy.  I saw hundreds of lives experiencing the same moment, and I found myself experiencing the same feeling.  There was no concept of time or being because the only feeling that needed to be felt was this one moment in time, this one experience in time.  I was seeing life around me, a melting pot of people and different histories, and I was experiencing life as it was handed to me.  I was living.  It was a whole new consciousness that I was brought into, and having the opportunity to share it with so many people is a blessing that I will never forget.  Such an elated sense of life is something that we should always remember when we are living our day to day lives.  We shouldn’t dwell on what could be or what has been, instead we must remember what it is like to live, especially in communion with others.

I will always be thankful for this trip and the reminder that life is meant to be lived with passion.  That there are always people out there who will be loyal.  That you should choose to take chances and choose to be happy.

It will always hold a place in my heart.



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