Views from Paris (Corner Café)

Sun setting, pedestrians walking on street, birds chirping, wind blowing, sitting in a woven chair arm to arm with friend and looking out among the block.

One table, small, bread in the middle, carafe of water beside it, legs crossed, light chattering.

My left

  • Workers standing against bar on the inside of the café, laughing, chatting, scanning the crowd. Always prepared, always holding something in hand, always smiling.  Friendly, lively, attentive.
  • Woman and man, a couple, on a date. Not eating.  Smoking cigarettes and speaking nose to nose in a whisper.  Wine on table.
  • Asian family, meat pâte, map open, confused faces.
  • Three woman, from France, long dresses and high heels, red lipsticks. Laughing, at peace, discussing ways to change the world or maybe change their love lives.

My front

  • Crowded street, bikers, small luxury cars at a red light, vespas weaving around
  • Friends, families, couples, strangers walking everywhere, looking straight forward, faces blank and intent, purposeful
  • Clothing boutique shutting down for a few hours so workers may relax, the hour is golden and it is time to relax with a cocktail

My right

  • Two crepes on a plate, espresso in one hand, man and son talking. Happy, content, at ease.
  • Apartment window open aside the café, curtains blowing, soft music playing, everything is white and clean.
  • Waiter holding assortment of meats and cheeses, salads, and duck meals. Family in front of him with wide eyes, rosé on the table.

We sit, we drink, we eat, we laugh, we stay for hours.  Dining is an experience, not a necessity.


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