Time is an Illusion

Today was the last day in Sydney. Aka the last day of the program. Alarms went off at 7:30am and we were off, making the most of the little time left. We started the day at a little street market. It was nice to see all the local handmade products and gadgets, and of course, food. Then we headed to China Town. Yes, China town. Where else would you go when you’re in Sydney, Australia? I had some amazing vegan Chinese food. Then we hopped on a train to a place called Bondi Beach. After shopping around and looking at beautiful bathing suits that would wipe my wallet clean, we all met up on the beach and sat by the shore. We reminisced on all the fun times we had over the last few weeks. Then it got rather quiet as we looked out one last time at the horizon. Once we got back we had dinner a final time as a full group. Then we headed down to the opera house and enjoyed more of the light show as well as the botanical gardens scenery. There were live musicians and little food trucks and coffee trucks. I grabbed an espresso at 10pm. I knew I may never be back here, so there would be time for sleeping at a later time in my life.

It started to pour rain on us unexpectedly. But we just embraced it. As my favorite quote states, “Some people feel the rain.. others just get wet.” And I was certainly feeling a lot right then and there. As we walked around the rest of the night in our squeaky, wet shoes, we entered a local bar and laughed and shared pictures and memories. We ended the night at a place called Pancakes on the Rocks. It was no iHop. I got Macadamia Nut pancakes. ‘Nuff said there.

Once back at the hostel, we sat and watched a movie on a bunch of bean bags. I thought to myself how time is really an illusion. It can’t really be measured by numbers. It’s mostly what you make of it. It’s in your hands. You dictate its meaning. And the last thirty days for me is equal to a lifetime of memories.

Pic my group in front of the Opera House


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