Veggie Burgers & Vivid Sydney

Goodbye Port Douglas. Hello Cairns..As soon as our bus pulled up to our hostel, we dropped our luggage and went for a walk down the coast. I grabbed a delicious cup of coffee from a little local shack. Everyone had their towels out on the grass and we dunked our feet in the pool which overlooked the ocean. After a bit of exploring and shopping we headed back to the hotel to hang out and prepare for our final exam. Where does the time go…? Once we handed in our exam papers the next morning, we jumped in a little van and drove until we stopped and parked in front of some interesting signs. CAUTION: Falling People. It was bungy jumping time. Sometimes ya gotta partake in that kinda stuff to remind you that your lungs are breathing and your heart is beating.

Stay alert!

Just hangin

The next morning we landed in Sydney—our last destination. I think I decided within about ten minutes of walking around that I wanted to move there. And it became even more beautiful at night. I can’t even put into words how amazing it was when everything lit up. Vivid Sydney was a sight I’ll never forget. We sat on our hostel balcony which overlooked the glowing opera house. It sounds cheesy to call the whole scene magical.. but let me say one thing: it was magical. And to sit there and think that this could be the only time in my life that I’ll be visiting this city really made me soak it all in. The next morning we took a ferry to a place called Manly Area. The highlight of that day was either the amazing view on this tropical trail overlooking the water, or eating at this gourmet burger place where I had probably the best veggie burger of my entire life. I can safely say Manly Area is my happy place, if not my favorite place on earth. Food. Cute, local shops. Incredible views. The beach. It does not get much better in my book.

Another city that never sleeps

My happy place

I really like food

Manly Beach, New South Wales

Sydney Opera House


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