Benvenuto in Italia

Photo May 17, 9 55 48 AM

Here we are! Traveling yet again. The fourteen of us students and our amazing professor, Dr. Harris, took off for Venice, Italy this morning! We all met at the train station in Frankfurt (Oder), bags and all, and boarded the RE1 from Platform 12 to Berlin Hbf. This hour long train ride consisted of selfies, fidget spinners, and endless laughs. One quick bus ride later, and we were ready to get checked in at the Berlin Tegel Airport. We all grabbed some pretzels and German sodas, and enjoyed some wifi to call home.

Photo May 16, 8 02 06 PM

Wifi is something that isn’t found anywhere in Germany because people are very private with their files. Public wifi opens up the possibility to steal others’ information, so it is just better to not have wifi available. But, most of us on this trip did not end up getting data plans for our time abroad, so we didn’t get to FaceTime our families often. The opportunity to connect for free and contact America was something none of us could pass on!

We finally heard our flight number called over the intercom, and we were able to board for our very close seats. I got lucky with a window seat, an empty seat for the middle, and my professor in the aisle seat! Dr. Harris and I talked the majority of our hour and a half flight until we made it to our layover in Paris. One of the many conversations we had covered our mutual love and appreciation for watches. Dr. Harris found one watch in the SkyMall magazine that he couldn’t pass on and tried to purchase while in-flight. The flight attendant told him they didn’t have merchandise on this short flight, but it would probably be somewhere in the duty free shops.

Photo May 16, 2 55 47 PM

A four hour layover in the Paris airport was just enough time for watch shopping, so we set out for his blue watch! Unfortunately, no shops had this exact watch anymore, so we looked at tons of styles. People that know me know that I have a slight obsession with watches. This was dangerous for me to be looking in all of the beautiful watch shops. I tried my hardest to look only at men’s in order to help Dr. Harris find a good second option. Finally, in our last shop, I spotted something that I absolutely loved. The slim silver band and Gator blue face on the Skagen watch was so irresistible, and I put it on—I know, I know! I shouldn’t have. But I did. And I couldn’t take it off! Dr. Harris loved it so much, so he went to the Skagen case, and found a similar men’s watch with a gunmetal band and larger face. Needless to say, we both got the watches.

Photo May 17, 5 06 45 AM

As much fun as the shopping was, we wanted to get to Italy soon, so we all boarded our second and final plane, and soon landed in Venice! At the airport, we met up with our beloved student assistant from Viadrina, Maike. Maike was about to be the biggest blessing of our trip, and none of us had a clue.

We arrived just after midnight, and still had a half hour water taxi ride to the center of Venice. Once off the boat, we were all basically sleep walking, and couldn’t get over how stunning this city was. My only thought? Wow, these Epcot renovations sure are nice!

Arriving at the hostel just before two, made us all very thankful to finally reach some beds! In the morning, we were about to start the adventure of a lifetime as we take on the country of Italy. Until then, benvenuto in Italia!

Photo May 17, 5 12 48 AM


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