La Musica!

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In Spain, music seems to literally be a way of life for some people. It evokes emotion, and sometimes it is even used to put bread on the table. It seems that anywhere I go I will get some live entertainment! Which in some ways is nice considering in the U.S. you usually have to pay a lot of money for that.

However, sometimes the musicians will walk straight up to your dinner table, stand in front of you on the metro, or walk alongside you in the streets hoping you will give them a Euro or two.

Nonetheless, here are some of the common types of music here in Madrid!

Metro Music: 

On a regular basis I see people playing in the Metro! On the walk to the stop, as I’m sitting in the car going somewhere, etc. They each play different types of music (as showcased below) such as the guitar group or jazz music, some even sing opera like songs, etc. It really is very interesting. The reason this is so common is because of Spain’s hurting economy after the recession of 2008. It is now said that the unemployment rate is close to 21%.

Click here for some Metro Music (# 1) —->

Click here for some Metro Music (# 2) —->


Europe is well known for having a higher religious observance than the United States. Spain is a historically Catholic Nations and so they have MANY churches, basilicas, and cathedrals. While touring around Spain, I have heard church bells on many occassions, as well as the organ playing. This is definitely more traditional music (and you’ll only find it in a church) but none-the-less I’d HIGHLY recommend it! The music paired with the ornate depictions of Christ provide an all around spiritual experience.

Click here for some Organ Music (Basilica in San Sebastian)————————————————————————————————————->

Besides that, you will regularly hear American Pop music as well as Flamenco music. I love the variety that Madrid has offered! During the next few weeks, I will try to collect more videos and show you all more of what I’m talking about!

Hasta Luego,



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