Altea: beauty & learning lessons

On Sunday June 11, 2017 my friends and I decided to go to a town called Altea. My host mom highly recommended it and after she described it to me, we just had to go.

I am honestly so glad we went because it was incredible.

The small town is perched up on a hill with the blue-domed Church at the very top. The streets are filled with white buildings, bright blue door-frames, pots filled with vibrant flowers and an overlook of the most gorgeous sea I have ever seen. It was like a small, more private, less-touristy Santorini.

The Church, for one, was gorgeous. If God-willing I get married, I would want it to be there. The interior is filled with white and gold décor and touches of a light pink, pearly color. The roof was decorated with small arches and all along the sides of the Church were statues of Saints and important events in Jesus’s life.

After adoring the Church, my friends and I were on a mission. My friend Michaela had had an image of Spain on her phone as her screensaver for quite some time and had figured out that it was actually in Altea. We wanted to find this spot.

Of course, the spot was right in front of the Church and it was the most incredible view.

We proceeded to take photos and just take in the view.

But something happened in the middle of our photo-shoot.

An older woman came near us in the same spot and started sobbing. My friend Jaryn immediately went over to her and started rubbing her back. Confused, I quickly walked over to see if I could help. Jaryn told me that this lady said “it hit me like a tsunami” three times in Spanish. I asked her what was wrong and she proceeded to tell me that her daughter had just passed away. It broke my heart as she said “I am supposed to go before my child; it should have been me first.”

My friend Jaryn and I spoke with her for around 20-30 minutes and as she calmed down, we learned that she and her daughter worked for a movie production business. Talking about this brought her so much joy. I reminded her that life is rough but we must look to the things that bring us joy. She was from Sweden and I believe she said she lived in Altea (it was difficult to understand her broken English and Spanish).

Jaryn and I kept smiling at her and comforting her. Towards the end of our conversation I told her I would pray for her and her daughter’s soul and that life get’s better.

I hugged her and she held on for a while.

I truly believe that God brought Jaryn and I to that woman and vice versa.

I came to this conclusion after this occurred: We experience intense ups and downs but we can never take the gift of this life for granted. The adventures we are able to experience let us live a little more, a little longer, and a little fuller.

I am not only learning about myself, my strength and my independence, but also about my reliance on the Lord while I travel the world.







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