Art of the Parisian Trench Coat 


It was a slow, normal Parisian morning the day my hands found an epoch of my fashion, the key piece of simplicity in French style, and the all around physical demonstrative statement of being Parisian.  It was Monday, I was in Zara, and my life was changing.

Now, style in Paris is nothing to be taken lightly.  It is not only how one exemplifies their attitude, lifestyle, and morals to the world, but it is an expression of art and character.  A strong woman owns Paris’ cobblestone streets in Jimmy Choos, an intelligent man wears Versace glasses, kids running around gardens in Paris wear jumpers and Adidas sneakers- it is a way of life here, and once one is aware of it, it is a religion.

So I found myself on Monday, in Zara, with my life changing.  I have a keen eye for statement pieces as well as a keen eye for a good bargain.  Embodying French culture means embodying the style of having a piece that is apart of you- simplistic, elegant, and incredibly ideal.  Bluntly, every French woman will own high heels, a perfect pair of jeans, a trench coat, and simple blouses.  Thus, behold, in front of me in this Zara was a trench coat, 15 Euro, and screaming my name.

I checked the premises- there was no way no one else wanted this trench.  I fought my way off the hands of no one, leaped across the store, and fetched the trench with my shaking hands.  I begrudgingly looked into the eyes of a nearby Zara employee.  “15??” I choked out.  She nodded, I held back tears.  This was madness.  This was absolutely godsend.

It has been said and I have heard that a Parisian woman would be happy living simply with her trench and a nice pair of shoes.  I was halfway there and I had never felt so accomplished.  It is a gift to dress with thought and a honor primitive to Parisian culture to have the ability to own such fashion in this part of the world.

It is an art, indeed.



Art of the Parisian Trench Coat

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