Photo Tour: Valencia

This past Saturday USAC took us on a tour of Valencia, the 3rd largest city in Spain and at one point in time, the most important city in Spain for trade and their economy.

 I was in awe of the Cathedral, which contains a relic (the arm) of St. Vincent the Martyr and the Holy Grail, what is known to be THE chalice that Jesus Christ used in His last supper. Seeing that Chalice and the beautiful interior of the Church is something that is too much for words.

Being a Catholic is something that I cherish and respect more now than ever. Every Catholic Church I walk into feels like home. There is this comfort and beauty that fills my heart every time.

The Church was obviously my favorite part, but Valencia as a whole was incredible. I loved their fresh food market, their outdoor market with handmade plates, pots, jewelry and more, as well as their Paella Valenciana and the cultural dances they had in the streets.

Here is a small tour of Valencia through my lens!


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