The One in Puerto Viejo

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’ll know I mentioned that I was heading out to Puerto Viejo, a small city on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Well, I’m back and ready to tell you all about it!

First of all, here’s a tip (from a girl who’s only lived in this country 3 weeks): Never trust bus times because they vary SO much based on the time of day. Abbey and I set off after my class on Friday morning to meet the rest of our group who had already gotten to the hostel. After getting to San José, we expected a 4 1/2 hour bus ride until immediate paradise – we were way wrong. Traffic was so bad in the evening and we didn’t arrive in Puerto Viejo until about 8 o’clock at night after a 6 hour bus ride. Expecting the rest of our group to still be awake and pumped, we walked into a very hot, very humid hostel with half of our group fast asleep and the other half sweating from the heat and attempting to get as close to the fan as possible.

It wasn’t until the next morning that we were able to realize why this place could be called paradise. Even as we walked around in the rain, the beach was still beautiful, the people were up and moving, and there was still a Pura Vida vibe. We walked into a small farmers’ market with some of the best jams, cakes, chocolate, and decorated candles (also, anywhere with free samples gets an automatic 5 stars in my mind). As a side note, if any of my 3 followers are planning on going to Puerto Viejo any time soon I would pay big money for you to bring me back some passionfruit jam…it was so delicious and I’m kicking myself for not buying a jar)


Nothing beats relaxing on the beach, talking to new friends, and feeling the waves crash on you as you feel your skin getting burnt from the sun. After spending as much time as we could in the water, we headed back to our hostel to take showers and clean up before dinner.


I would not be doing Puerto Viejo justice if I didn’t talk about the amazing food. Without a doubt, my favorite meal I had that weekend was the carne skewers I bought from a vendor on the side of the street (so good, I bought them twice). My friends and I also went to the restaurant Hot Rocks twice – once for lunch and the second time later in the evening. I mean, they enticed us in with their amazing nachos plate and once we saw the words “2 for 1 Happy Hour,” we were sold. The last food I’m going to rave about from this trip is a mango smoothie Abbey and I shared on the beach. I can’t possibly describe how refreshing and fruity this smoothie tasted; I legitimately think they picked the mango 5 seconds after we placed our order – the perfect way to cool us down on a day at the beach.


Check back on my blog soon because this weekend’s adventure is to Playa Tambor on the Nicoya Peninsula! We’ll only be 2 minutes from the beach, but our hostel supposedly has air conditioning…which are we more excited for??

2 thoughts on “The One in Puerto Viejo

  1. Can’t even say how fab this seems. It reminds me so much of my trip to Cuernavaca. We took a side bus trip to Acapulco …halfway there the bus broke down. The driver and his assistant went looking through a field to find parts to fix it. OMG it worked!!! Your beach pic was spectacular. There is nothing like a beach that actually has palms on it. Has anyone gotten sick from eating street food? I wouldn’t do that in Mexico. Well, I look forward to your next blog… have fun!!!

    1. Luckily, no one’s gotten sick yet! Usually we eat in restaurants, but the street food we ate in Puerto Viejo looked too good to pass up.

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