La primera dia de la escuela!


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No worries, I know you didn’t sign up for Spanish classes, so I won’t test you by writing it all in Espanol.

However, that is EXACTLY what my professors did on our first day of class. In full disclosure, I really really wanted to be placed into Low Intermediate level classes (B1), but received High Beginners (A2) instead. Now that I’ve experienced one class I am so grateful.

As I was sitting there waiting for the professor, I was bummed. Now I had afternoon classes instead of morning classes and I just wasn’t happy.

The very second she walked into the room: “Hola chicos! Bievenidos a la clase de espanol. Necesita un papel para excribir una estrella con tu nombre. Vosotros sois ir a desbribir tu characteristicas a la clase!” (Translation: Hello students! Welcome to Spanish class. You need paper to draw a star with your name. We are going to describe ourselves to the class!) And it continued….  for the entire class. Homework is given in Spanish. Directions in Spanish. TODO EN ESPANOL!

Now luckily, I could understand most of what she was saying! (Gracias Sra. Feller!!! Me ayuda mucho!!!) However, it’s the responding back part that is the struggle. Now I’m sure most student can confirm this, but in the United States most of our Spanish classes primarily focus on reading and writing. We also study using the nosotros version of verbs as opposed to Spain’s vosotros. Yeah….

So getting started has been a struggle, but I feel like by the time I leave I will be MUCH further than I even imagined. Immersion has already helped so much and I look forward to being able to talk to Chris’s (my boyfriend <3)  family from Guatemala and Venezuela in Spanish when I get home!

I’ve found the Spanish people to be very understanding of the struggle! They actually appear to appreciate it when people put themselves in a rather awkward and uncomfortable position to relate to them in Spanish, and will try to help you out and explain things.

Here’s to the start to this amazing journey!


Hasta Luego Amigos!






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