First Impressions Have Always Been Important!

Five days ago I arrived in Alicante where I will be for the next four weeks of this study abroad!


I would just like to list a couple of great things:

-I am living with a wonderful host family: a sassy older woman that reminds me of my own grandmother, and her daughter.

-I am about a 20-minute walk from the beach.

– The University of Alicante is so cute! I am taking Spanish Culture and Civilization, Spanish Contemporary Art, Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Short Stories and all my professors are amazing! They are so passionate about what they teach and they all have such a lively personality.

-I am taking a Sailing course, and I have to admit, that is my ultimate favorite class. Not many people get to say they learned to sail on the Mediterranean!


-The food here is phenomenal. Their coffee, churros con chocolate, bread, ice cream, sangria, cocktails and so much more truly satisfy ANY craving.

-I am honestly in awe of the amazing views the city has. The sea is a literal dark, deep teal but is crystal clear when you swim in it. The buildings are also full of history and color! (Also, my legs are definitely going to be incredibly fit when I get back to the states because elevators are not very common here).

I am loving every second of being in Alicante. However, I have been in Spain for a little over a week now, and people warned me about getting homesick and having a hard time adjusting. At this moment, I am exhausted because of all the activities we have been taking part in and all the talking I have been doing. I never realized how much I talk until I had to meet so many new people at one time!


Even though I have finally figured out how to walk the city of Alicante, found the best way to get to class, climbed to the top of the Castillo de Santa Barbara, gone to ‘Old Alicante’, went to Playa de Postiguet, went to Valencia, gone shopping in European stores, went to an awesome night club, went sailing and ate a ton of marvelous food, there is still so much to discover.


1 week down, 4 more to go!

Next stop: Canyoning at the waterfalls!

Next weekend: Tabarca Island!

I must say Alicante, you’re pretty darn good at first impressions!



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