Real Madrid gane el juego de futbol!

Real Madrid faced Juventus in Wales just last night (July 3). As new residents of the city, we figured let’s go to a bar and watch the game! Wowwww was it packed!

After attempting to meet up with some of the other people in our program, and the entire place being full, we went down the street and looked for the first available table. Well we found one… just the wrong one. Apparently it was reserved. While we definitely got some snarky comments (us Americans always taking things kind of stuff – obviously in Spanish so not a direct translation) the waiters quickly squeezed us into a tiny corner and served us. That was the last table on the street.

We ordered some drinks and croquettas, and watched the game. Now in the U.S. the equivalent of this game is probably the Super Bowl! Every time Real Madrid scored a goal the whole street would cheer, I swear the entire city was out for the game.

Click here to see the uproar when Real Madrid scores, haha I loved it! Great energy! —>

Click here to see me at la Plaza de Cierres after the Real Madrid Win —>

After the final goal of the game (4-1), we decided to walk down to la plaza de cibeles where the city celebrates the game! This was literally insane. As we walked up, we saw police officers at the entrance to the square where everyone was being searched. We walked in and there were literally THOUSANDS of people there decked out in Real Madrid apparel. Each of them cheering and singing, some even climbing light posts and waving lighted smoke things. The best was this group of guys that led a stomp cheer down the street!

Click here to see the big cheer down the streets! —>

Now, I’ll be honest, there were also some crazy people. At one point these group of guys came up to the gated section in front of our bench and started taking photos with us in the background and then attempted to flirt with us in a foreign language (we don’t think it was Spanish). Another guy climbed up the gate in front of Casa de America and almost knocked a street light down. The lighted smokers made us nervous to be in the area. Especially after reading about the three terror attacks in London earlier that day.

Finally, after waiting about three hours to see if the Real Madrid team would show up, being hungry, tired (mind you we left at 1 am), and cold, we decided to go home. We made it to the metro JUST in time!

While we didn’t get to see them bring the cup to Cibeles. I am SO glad that we were able to watch the final game of the season and to participate in the festivities. The energy and passion that filled the city was unbelievable. Maybe even close to rivaling that of the Swamp ;).

Hasta Luego Amigos!





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