The One at a Volcano

Last Friday, our group had an extremely busy weekend as we went on the excursions included with our program. Let me tell you, trying to talk and/or sleep in a small bus crowded with more than 25 of us as the bus driver drives insanely fast on bumpy, winding, Costa Rican roads is an trip in itself, but definitely worth it in the end. We first headed out to Hotel La Pradera at the Arenal Volcano. After checking into our rooms and realizing what a breathtaking view we had of the volcano, we all headed out to the Baldí Hot Springs.


With 16 hot springs and 2 swim-up bars, we knew we could make the most of the three hours we were allotted. While most of the people we know headed straight to the bar to spend an outrageous amount on overpriced drinks, my friend Abbey and I headed with a couple of guys in our group to the main attraction – the four waterslides at the back of the resort. Each slide was different and a lot better than we had imagined and I can’t even count the number of times we went on each one of them. We finished the night by eating a buffet dinner at Baldí Hot Springs and then heading back to our hotel to hang out in the pool and hot tub.

The next morning after breakfast, our group drove to the Arenal Hanging Bridges. We hiked through the forest and were allowed to get up close and personal with the nature surrounding us. The hanging bridges were quite as literal as they sound – long bridges suspended in the air that moved back and forth if people (aka the guys in our group) tried to make them swing. After lunch and a slight photoshoot, it was back to San Ramón!



The next day wasn’t at the volcano but it was still part of our excursion. We first went to the Vista Los Sueños Canopy to go ziplining, and let me tell you, these weren’t any wimpy ziplines. Ziplining was invented in Costa Rica, and these did not disappoint. We sped through the trees and were even allowed to go upside down on one of the ziplines. Picture staring at miles and miles of forest below you as you head backwards, unaware as to where or when it was ending – it was surreal!


Jaco Beach was next. We spent a couple hours here, just hanging out and talking to each other and enjoying the water on the hot humid day (but honestly, what day in Costa Rica isn’t hot and humid?). I had grown accustomed to my usual summertime Jacksonville, FL beach routine, but it was nice to explore elsewhere and see how the Ticos (and other tourists) spend their beach days.


Keep up with my blog because this weekend I’m heading to Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica! Eight people, one hostel room, three days…what could go wrong??

One thought on “The One at a Volcano

  1. This sounds so fantastic …what a great opportunity for you. My time in Cuernavaca was not nearly as adventurous. 🌴

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