2 planes, a bus, and a taxi later!

Sitting for 12 hours is never comfortable. However, being in the very middle of the middle section of the plane didn’t exactly help. With all that aside, my trip to Madrid was fairly calm. No turbulence at all, and British Airway’s service was nothing short of spectacular. A marathon later I made it through London Gatwick, to my next plane and to Madrid! On my taxi ride to the apartment, I saw only a glimpse of what Madrid has to offer – I was impressed with the views and a little surprised at how similar downtown Madrid feels to the U.S.

What really made my day was that I landed an AMAZING apartment that has lots of character and quirks, and gives me the vibe that Madrid is going to be a great place to live. I have my own room with a beautiful terrace overlooking a vibrant, busy street full of cars honking, kids practicing their violins, and friends casually chatting as they walk by.

When we discussed the obstacles that might be presented to us during our time in Spain at our orientation session, I figured ” Ah… no problem”. I was so wrong! The first day has already challenged me!

  1. They speak really fast… all the time. Even when I stare at them in confusion. But, I catch a few words and try to make the best of it!
  2. I got locked out of the apartment. Now usually this wouldn’t be a problem since another roommate may be home, but since I’m the first one here that was a fun struggle. The doors here (at least mine is) are very different…
  3. I don’t know how to use this oven. There’s no dash that says what the temperature is or a bake button that allows you to turn it on. ( I didn’t realize till later it was a gas oven and I had to light it…. whoops!) Honestly, I didn’t realize how much the little things count.

But as I sit here on my terrace writing this most resent post, I try to remind myself that this was the reason why I wanted to study abroad in the first place – to challenge myself. To learn and grow and to see the world from every angle. My roommates show up tomorrow, and then I will have people to conquer these challenges with together. SO for today, I’m just going to accept that there is a LOT more to learn and spend a relaxing evening in my new home.

Hasta Luego!



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