The One After My Classes Have Started

Tomorrow will be the last day of my first week of classes in Costa Rica and it’s sad to think I only have about 4 weeks left of my trip. I feel like I should start off talking about my classes for a little bit – since that’s what everyone keeps telling us is the main reason we’re here – before I get into the fun stuff (waterfalls, murals, bars, etc.)

As I mentioned before, I’m in the Tropical Ecology and Tropical Conservation Biology classes. There’s only about 6-8 students in each class, so it’s really easy to get to know everyone and form a closer relationship with the teacher, as opposed to the 200+ lecture halls I’m used to at the University of Florida. Today for our Tropical Ecology class we went to a nearby waterfall and river to collect insect samples for next week. Since none of us had class right afterwards, we all stayed after, swam in the waterfall, and laid on the rocks as the water moved passed us. I can’t imagine a better description of Pura Vida than deciding last minute to change into your bathing suits at the river and jump into the bottom of a waterfall.


Most of our study abroad group also visited another waterfall earlier in the week. This one was a little more touristy and you had to pay a little bit to get in, but the view was definitely worth it. Also, I mean, how often can you go down a slide into a pool in Costa Rica or drink daiquiris with the sound of a waterfall surrounding you?


It started raining about an hour after we got there (honestly, if there’s a day without rain in this wet season we’re all immediately astounded), so we got in about 4 taxis and headed out. This leads to my next topic…the Costa Rican bars.

After a recommendation from one of our study abroad coordinators, we’ve already found our favorite bar after only 6 days in San Ramón. Karaoke on Wednesdays, open spaces to move around and easily talk with everyone, and a keyboard to personally choose the song that comes on next – Indiscretos better get used to us because it has to suffer through four more weeks. Below is a picture of one of the murals across from Indiscretos. The murals and graffiti here are painted with such precision and artistic ability they look as if professionals were called in to decorate around town.


That’s all for now! Check back soon because this weekend I’m staying overnight at the Arenal Volcano and hot springs and traveling to Jaco Beach. ¡Ciao!

3 thoughts on “The One After My Classes Have Started

  1. I was happy to finally get your blog …it had been a while and I wondered how things were going. It seems as if you’re having a fantastic time! I’m glad you made friends right away to hang out with. The place seems fun and looks very scenic. How is your Spanish coming along? Hablas mejor? And I was curious if there are a lot of annoying bugs. If you have spare time you can email me with these answers but I understand how busy you probably are. Que te diviertas!

      1. Guess you have to expect bugs in a tropical place like Costa Rica …as with everything you can’t expect it to be all perfect 🕷🕸..some gross stuff keeps you on your toes.

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