The Last Day Before Prague

Well it’s almost here, tomorrow evening I begin my journey to Prague. Since I have traveled to a foreign country on my own before, I was expecting this last week at home to be relatively calm but still full of excitement. Surprisingly, that’s not what has happened. Instead, this past week has been full of worries: do I have everything ready for my job and summer class when I return? (I think so..), do I have the right clothes to deal with Prague’s apparently temperamental summer weather? (No, probably not), do I have enough money to feed myself over the next five weeks? (I really hope so!). But thankfully, many of these nerves are not about the actual adventure itself since I’m going into it the with the mindset of “I have no clue what’s actually going to happen and I’m excited for it!” leaves little room for worrying about specific events. For now, I’ll keep preparing by trying to pack as lightly as possible (keyword: “trying”), learning as many Czech phrases as possible on a 10 hour flight, and no longer worrying about everything that’s taking place when I return!

See you in Prague!


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