I over-packed…again.


I leave in one day. Wow. As I wrote that, I got that nervous feeling in my stomach. You know, that feeling you get where you’re super excited but your stomach ties in a knot.

Today is my last day at home for the next month and a half. Tomorrow I will fly from Houston to Charlotte and Charlotte to Madrid for the first part of my study abroad trip! I will land at 7 a.m. Spain time and 1 a.m. Houston time. I am just praying to God that I am able to sleep on the plane even if it is just for one hour. But in case I can’t, I am prepared to watch a billion movies. I also packed a couple books to read as well.

Speaking about packing…

Some of my friends were proud of my packing skills. One even said “You’re my hero!” after showing him that I packed only 2 bags and a backpack for a different country for 7 weeks. But when I look at my bags, I feel like I over-packed… again.

You know those people who pack everything ‘just in-case’.

Yeah, that’s me.

My complication is that I have an obsession with shoes… and clothing. I want to be roaming the streets of Spain in fashion but also in comfort, and let me tell you: trying to plan that fashion and comfort is a skill.

As I come very close to the date of my departure to Spain, I have come to the realization that I have to take a couple things out of my bags… So please wish me luck!

Again, I would just like to reiterate how excited and blessed I am to be able to study abroad in Spain. I couldn’t do it without the support of my family and friends! My hope is that through these blog posts, I can virtually take you with me!

Spain, here I come!


Side note: In order to get in the mood for my Spanish adventure, I have been listening to Guadamecí by Vicente Amigo. It’s quite the flamenco jam!


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