Erin: Summer in San Ramon

Erin Fox is a University of Florida student studying abroad during Summer A of 2017 in San Ramon, Costa Rica.  To learn more about her program, click here: USAC – Costa Rica (San Ramon).

  • What is your year and academic concentration?
    I’m a second year Biology major and my goal is to go to medical school after I graduate college.
  • Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and for what purpose?
    I was fortunate enough to have a family who loves traveling as much as I do. My dad has made it a yearly tradition ever since I was about six years old to go on a weekend Father-Daughter trip to a surprise destination. I’ve been to Canada, Puerto Rico, and a cruise with my family to the Bahamas and a few other islands in the Caribbean. Also, this summer before I study abroad I will be traveling to Cusco, Peru with a group of people from UF AMSA (American Medical Student Association) to volunteer at a local clinic.
  • Have you studied abroad before? If so, where and what did you study?
    I have not studied abroad before, which makes this experience even more exciting!
  • Where are you studying abroad and why did you choose to study there?
    I’m studying abroad in San Ramón, Costa Rica, which is a small city about an hour from the capital, San José. I love the idea of living in a such a relaxed culture with an incredible biodiversity. The farmers’ markets and gorgeous Catholic church in San Ramón were bonuses!
  • What are you most looking forward to during your study abroad program?
    I’m really looking forward to being immersed in a new culture. I can’t wait to meet different people, improve my Spanish-speaking skills, and truly get to know Costa Rica and everything it has to offer.
  • What are some of your interests and hobbies?
    I love traveling and exploring new places! Coming from Florida, one of my favorite places is the beach. I also really like cooking and trying new recipes, so I’m eager to taste all kinds of food in Costa Rica.

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