Catherine: Summer in Prague

Catherine Clausen is a University of Florida student studying abroad during Summer A of 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic.  To learn more about her program, click here: USAC – Prague.

  • What is your year and academic concentration?
    I am a rising senior majoring in math and minoring in UFTeach-math and actuarial science.
  • Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and for what purpose?
    I have traveled to Japan, Germany, the Bahamas, and Mexico. My visits to Tokyo, Mexico and the Bahamas were short family vacations. My trip to Germany was part of a summer exchange program I participated in during high school through the local Rotary Club. My family and I hosted a German student, Neele, for three weeks during the summer and after those three weeks Neele and I traveled to her hometown of Bad Nauheim, Germany, (just north of Frankfurt) where I lived with her family for three more weeks. It was a great experience and made me want to study abroad in college even more!
  • Have you studied abroad before? If so, where and what did you study?
    I have not studied abroad before.
  • Where are you studying abroad and why did you choose to study there?
    I am studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. I chose Prague because of its interesting history (from being under the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the Nazis to the Communists) and its beautiful views. I have also heard about its interesting art scene, especially the unique works of art by David Černý such as the babies crawling up the Žižkov Television Tower, which I can’t wait to explore. I also can’t wait to try the Trdelník, a cinnamon chimney cake, and other delicious looking desserts as well!
  • What are you most looking forward to during your study abroad program?
    Aside from the art and desserts, I am looking forward to being almost completely on my own in a new city. I plan on getting the most out of my 4 weeks in Prague by wandering the city and exploring it as much as I can. I know that there will be difficult times when language barriers will frustrate me, but I can’t wait to grow from those experiences.
  • What are some of your interests and hobbies?
    Some of my interests and hobbies include reading, baking, and working with children. I have heard that there might be an opportunity to volunteer with local children while I am in Prague and if so, I will definitely be taking advantage of that program!
  • Anything else you would like us to know about you?
    I’m really excited to be studying abroad in Prague!

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