And we’re off!

Almost! #wanderlust #environment #fieldwork #belize 🛩️🌊🇧🇿

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I woke up (really took a nap) at 2:15am to grab a shuttle and head off to a whirlwind day of flights. Being an older student and having children made this part of the trip so stressful. Something that should have been super excited was causing me so much anxiety and stress. Seriously, I wanted to throw up. But I made it to the airport and had plenty of time to grab my favorite coffee!

A connection through Houston and 12 hours of travel later I made it to Belize City!

And I'm in Belize. Next stop, San Pedro! #wanderlust #travel #fieldwork

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Once there I was SOOOO outside of my comfort zone. I am a super confident and independent woman, but ever since becoming a mom my risk factor alarm goes off ALL THE TIME! I can’t make it stop. So being in a foreign country where I know NO ONE at all yet and having to take a land taxi to a water taxi to then arrive at San Pedro brought back all my fears. But lucky for me on my second flight of the day I met the sweetest woman named Rose who lives in San Pedro! She gave me some wonderful advice and I felt confident I’d make it alright.

My taxi experience in Belize was …. well … different. First of all the taxi’s are just people’s regular vehicles. Which is ok with me, but still gives you a little red flag. The first guy to offer me a ride also offered me a drink and good time once we got to the water taxi. No thanks! The next guy was a sweet older gentleman. Yes please! He was the best taxi driver ever. I had the most engaging conversation with him and he just loves life and his family and his country.

We finally came to the water taxi spot and the hustle and bustle was a little overwhelming at first. But the workers were nice and pointed me in the right directions. The water taxi ride to San Pedro was an hour and half, but the boat ride brought me back to my happy place, on the OCEAN!

I love boat rides!

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I finally met some people from my course and turns out I’m NOT the only old lady and non traditional studenet. There is a guy named Joe who is in the Navy and a distance learner as well and my new roommate Tanya who is in her mid 20’s (not as old as this gal but not a baby either lol).

We got settled in our new room (complete with AC) and had a fabulous dinner made for us by the chef Minerva at BTREC. She even made us brownies for dessert!

After dinner we got a run down of what our week out here in San Pedro will look like. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure I missed half of what he said because I could barely keep my eyes open. It is only 8:30 local time, but 10:30 EST. I’ve now been up for approximately 20 hours and I’m wiped. No local culture for me tonight. I’m living up to my old lady of the course status and going to bed.

I can’t wait for our first day out on the water tomorrow!


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