Easter Break Itinerary

Okay friends. We are about to endeavor on a 3-4 week journey across Europe! It’s been a long while waiting and, if I may say so myself, I deserve it!  After a very stressful exam period I am looking forward to this holiday.  I cannot express my excitement for this trip and if I’m honest, I am quite nervous.  Hostels, foreign language, strange lands??? It’s exactly what I need.

Throughout this holiday I will keep posting about each city I visit so stay tuned!  For now, here’s an itinerary of this trip.

Manchester, United Kingdom: Friday, March 24th (1 Night)

  • Finish my exams without dying
  • Catch a train to Manchester as we have an early flight to Brussels the next morning

Brussels, Belgium: Saturday, March 25th (2 days)

  • Leave at 7:50am Ryanair to Brussels
  • Check into Hostel
  • Get chocolate, Belgium fries, and their beer

Copenhagen, Denmark: Monday, March 27th (3 days)

  • Take-off at 6:40am!
  • Check into “Sleep in Heaven”
  • See the colorful buildings, danish pastries, and their beer

Berlin, Germany: Thursday March 30th (2 1/2 days)

  • Catch the early bus at 6:30am (It’s 8 hours long!)
  • Check into hostel
  • Try Currywurst… I’m a little frightened by this idea
  • and beer

Warsaw, Poland: Sunday April 2nd (3 days)

  • Catch a bus to Warsaw ( 7 1/2 hr bus ride)
  • Check in to Hostel
  • Kiełbasa Wiejska (Sausage) and saurkrout.  Easy enough.

Krawkow, Poland:  Wednesday, April 5th (3 days)

  • Catch yet another bus at 12:00 pm and arrive at 4:55pm
  • The history of the holocaust is greatly captured by this city so as expected, there is a lot to take in.

Bratislava, Slovakia: Saturday, April 8th (2 days)

  • Bus at 12:45 arriving at 7:05 pm
  • Check in to hostel
  • I don’t know much Slovakia so I’m going to wait to see what the local people tell me is typical of Bratislava.

Budapest, Hungary: Monday, April 10th (3 days)

  • Take the afternoon bus for a short ride of 2 hours to Budapest!
  • Check in to hostel
  • Apparently, this is an amazing destination for a foodie!

Vienna, Austria: Thursday, April 13th (3 days)

  • Afternoon bus (3 hours)
  • Museums galore!
  • The music and art! UGH!

Prague, Czech Republic: Sunday, April 16th (2 days)

  • Early bus, 4 hours
  • I have a huge list of places I want to see and places I need to eat (courtesy of Daniela)
    • ***This is where I diverge from my group and head back to Lancaster for 2 days.  Unfortunately, I am still a student and need to finish an essay….
    • See below for my diversion

Munich, Germany: Tuesday, April 18th (2 days)

  • 4 hour bus ride in the afternoon.  Arrive by 7pm
  • Check into hostel – Jaeger’s Munich

Nuremberg, Germany: Thursday, April 20th (2 days)

  • 2 hour bus from Munich
  • Check into hostel – Five Reasons

Manchester, United Kingdom: Saturday, April 22nd

  • They finish their trip in Nuremberg and catch an afternoon flight back to the UK.

My diversion: 

***Lancaster, United Kingdom: Tuesday, April 18th (3 days)

  • Early flight out of Prague to Manchester.  Then a train to Lancaster, (7 hr journey)
  • Finish my law essay and turn it in.
  • Wash clothes and pack for a weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland.

***Edinburgh, Scotland: Friday, April 21 (3 days)

  • My friend Amelia from uni in the US is coming to visit her sister in Scotland so I am meeting her there.  (Any excuse I can use to visit Scotland!)
  • Train back to Lancaster for the start of the Summer term.

Later on I will include the details about where exactly I stayed and the cost of the trip down to the nitty-gritty.  For now this is just a general overview.  Note that I am traveling with a backpack and a carry on luggage!  It was a lot easier to pack for this trip than I expected. Anything bigger than a carry on is excessive and completely a waste of energy and money.  I’ll post updates as often as I can!

Wish me luck! 🙂


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