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It's getting real y'all. T-minus 3 days. #belize #fieldwork #environment #travel

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Once upon a time there was girl. She moved every few years or so. Her dad was in the US Navy. While she had the opportunity to move all over the US she never got to live outside of the continental 48. Fast forward and this girl gets married, has babies, and starts the journey all over again. But this time she is the spouse and married to the Army. She went to UF and studied nursing. Then she went to Saint Leo and studied Business Marketing. But she wasn’t happy. Then after so many years of praying, she and her family moved to Hawaii. She was in paradise. While in Hawaii her alma mater started an online program for Environmental Science. This was her chance to study what she loves. She worked hard for a year and is finally done! That girl is me. At UF I’m still known by my maiden name, but I have been married for almost 10 years. I have 4 children and 3 furbabies. After 31 years of moving and travelling the US I am finally getting to expand my horizons and visit another country. Not only do I get to visit, but I get my first chance at real field work too!

I am going to San Pedro, Belize for one week to study ecology and conservation in the tropics on the barrier reef system. While we were in Hawaii I was able to do little things here and there to help with the coral reef bleaching as a concerned citizen. I’m a divemaster and utilized that as a way to help clean up the reefs. I homeschooled my oldest children while were there and we were constantly educating others and ourselves on ways to help mitigate reef loss. But now I get to get in there and do something real.

Most of you are probably reading this and thinking, 1 week? That’s exciting, but it’s only a week. But to me, to a mom, 1 week is like a lifetime. I’ve never spent more than a couple of days away from my children, let alone left the country (that is my husband’s job! 😊 ). For this to be possible I had to call in help. Two moms, a color coded agenda, and weeks of prep later, I can finally go. I am so excited and anxious at the same time. I’m pretty sure Dr. G will be happy for my week to be over so I stop inundating him with questions!

I might only be going for 7 days, but I will make the most out of them!


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