From Wall to Wall

From Wall to Wall:  Chester, England

As I walked into this city I realized how intricate the buildings were and I was amazed by the fact that it is actually surrounded by a wall. Guess who built it?  No, not Mexico but indeed the Romans! Yes, the Romans. Shocked? Neither am I.  The Roman Empire expanded throughout Europe from England to Northern Africa to the Middle East.  The wall was originally built as a fortress in the 1st century AD.  The simple fact that this fortress lasted for thousands of years is enough to make you stop and appreciate all the history in which you are surrounded.  Incredible.

There also used to be a Roman Amphitheater that was able to seat around 7000 people.  Chester has such a vibrant atmosphere that is at the same time relaxed.  Even though it was raining the beauty of this city was quite obvious.  Even though my feet were about to turn blue from the freezing cold weather and the lack of winter shoes it was an all around 10 out of 10. My souvenir from this destination was a pair of polka-dotted thermal socks that I hold very dear to me as they kept my toes from freezing off!  Obviously this is a bit of a hyperbole but come on… Florida girl…

If you ever find yourself in Chester please set aside an hour or two to see the Chester Cathedral.  The cathedral has a rich and varied history that showcase architecture from the Norman style as well as the Gothic style.  This center of worship acted both as a monastery and a church.  It was refurbished to preserve the integrity of the building numerous time which is why different parts of the Cathedral represent different points in history.



Fun Fact:  In 1403 Henry, Prince of Wales (Henry V) banished the Welsh from Chester.  Any Welsh person found in Chester before sunrise and after sunset could risk decapitation.  The funny this about this law is that technically it was never repealed!!!

I give this place a thumbs up and I highly recommend anyone traveling through the UK check this place out!  It’s a short distance from Wales (45min walk) so you might as well take advantage and see some of it too.



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