I’ve seen London, I’ve seen France!

     Well I finally got adjusted to life here in Spain, so naturally it was time to up and leave for a new adventure! After some time price-checking and debating possible weekend trips, my friends and I concluded that we were going to simply book the cheapest round trip flight available out of Seville… MARSEILLE, FRANCE HERE WE COME!

     What started essentially as a vacation roulette ended up being one of my favorite trips to date. Marseille is the most beautiful little French port city full of delicious food and friendly locals, and we certainly made the most of our two day trip. In true French style, we sat at meals for hours on end laughing and enjoying every course alongside expensive wine. My culinary nightmare manifested itself on night one when I was served an entire fish that seemed to stare back at me knowing I had no clue in the world how to eat it. So as not to offend the waiter or chef, I did my best.

(^^ But honestly people, would you know how to eat this?)

     On our first (and last) full day in France, we decided to take an early morning boat tour of Parc Nacional des Calanques. From our perch on the bow of the ship, we could really take in the salt air and warm sea breeze. For a fleeting moment, I almost felt like I was back home on a beach in Florida. That was until I opened my eyes to the sun-bleached sheer cliffs of Les Calanques jutting up from the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. We definitely don’t have beaches like this at home. Around every corner and in every bay was a new beach or family of anchored sailboats, all of which could be reached only by water. The three hour tour passed all too quickly as we all four dreamt of one day returning to this place in sailboats of our own.

     Back in Marseille, and after kicking our sea legs, we decided to walk around enjoying some shopping after lunch. We stopped into a local caramel shop and marveled at the number of flavors they had- the list seemed never-ending! At a local street market, we also found a vendor selling homemade macarons in flavors from pistachio to chocolate. If you aren’t sensing the theme yet, we basically ate our way through the entire dessert stock of the city (#NoRagrets). We made it back to the port in time to watch the sunset from one of the city’s more touristy attractions: the seaside ferris wheel! As the sun set on the port and on this quick trip, we all couldn’t help but smile at our first international travel success together. Cheers to Marseille!


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