Hello Everyone!!!!!!

I am so excited to tell you all about my two week tour through Greece, Italy, and Spain.   From the people, to the food, to the historical sites, and to the many moments of being lost and confused- it was all just so magical.

I started my tour out in Greece, where I visited Athens and  Aegina Island. You know, never in my life did I think I would make it to Greece. Many of us have the top cities or countries we would like to visit before dying, but Greece was never on my list. Yet, I let my sense of adventure and spontaneity guide me, and it brought me to the foot of the Acropolis.


                      Climbing up to the Acropolis was just amazing!!!! 

Not only was I guided to the Acropolis, but in Greece I discovered a world that not even my dreams had drawn up with accurate beauty. On the second day, I set out to explore Aegina Island.


                                                 Aegina Island, Greece 


                                                    Aegina Island, Greece 

This island was just breathtaking. I never imagined I would be able to see and take in so much beauty. From the ocean with its different blues, to the beautiful scenery as we drove a four-wheeler through the island, to the spectacular feel of the wind and sea salt against my face, Aegina simply stole my words and my heart.

When I first got to Greece I had told myself that Athens in two days would be enough; I did not have any plans to go to Aegina. Yet, as life has taught me these past months, the best moments can come when we decide to let go of our plans and expectations. The moments I will remember the most from this trip are those that I did not have planned, when I let go of my map and bucket list and just followed the wind of adventure and pure living through Athens and up to Aegina Island.

Greece was amazing. From being able to explore the birthplace of democracy, to just letting go of everything and throwing my hands up in the air as we rode through Aegina, I fell in love with this country.

Although drinking hot Greek chocolate near the pier in Aegina as I soaked up the sun was one of the many reasons I fell in love with Greece, it is very important that I share with you all why moments like these are the ones that value the most. It was not the hot Greek chocolate alone, or the island that made my memories so special, it is the friends I was able to share that chocolate and adventure with- and this goes for all my trips and memories.


Hot Greek Chocolate at the pier of Aegina Island 

Greece  taught me that I would see more of the world through the people I met and streets I got lost in than through museums and tours. To better describe this I will use the words of my great friend Youngmin.

On my first night in Athens, I was sitting on the rooftop of the hostel looking up at the  glowing Acropolis with a few friends I had made. I met a beautiful young lady from Australia that decided to pack her bags after high school graduation and see the world without a set return date, a courageous Brazilian who decided to leave everything he knew to work and study in Europe, the most gentle and caring South Korean solider, and very nice New Yorker who traveled and worked from his computer as he changed lives. As we all talked and laughed about our traveling adventures and why we had decided to travel alone Youngmin, the Korean solider, said something I would never forget.

“After traveling alone for a while, museums, monuments, churches- they all start to look the same. Major cities usually end up having the same layouts and tours get exhausting. What makes a trip special, what makes you forever dream about a place you visited is the people you meet there and the experiences you share. It is through the people we meet while touring a museums or trying tradition food and through their stories and perspectives that we really manage to see and taste the world.” – Youngmin


                                 Thank you friends for showing me the world! 

My friend is right! Soon we can become tired of paintings and running after our trains and flights. Yet, it is all worth it because we manage to meet amazing people with different passions and dreams throughout every city. Traveling will really make you grow. Through every city I visited, I learned something about myself, and I saw new things in the world I never thought were even possible to dream about.

So whether it was climbing up to see all of Athens…..


                                  Athens from the Lycabettus Hill 

Or whether it was climbing up to see all of Aegina….


                                          Aegina from a Random Hill….

I always got to see more of the world than I thought was possible.



Thank you Greece for teaching me to let go of my map and bucket list and to just go with the sea-salted breeze. Thank you for the amazing people, the food, the memories, and the growth.


P.S.- Stay tuned for my posts about Italy and Spain! 🙂


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