Seville (Sevilla?) at Last!

Yep, I live here.

As I’ve now had a whopping ten days in Seville (basically a local), I feel fairly certain when I say that this is the most beautiful place I have ever called home. After climbing all 31 walking ramps to the top of the Catedral de Seville and only catching a few cramps, I was able to truly see how expansive this city is (see incredibly cool photo above). And though I won’t be able to see ALL of it, I will definitely try.

So far I’ve mostly seen tourist hotspots and tapas bars, not that there’s anything wrong with that the food here is awesome. Seville’s architecture alone is enough to prompt me to shamelessly whip out my camera, whether the building is home to a centuries old tobacco factory or the local Hard Rock Cafe, and honestly without signage they would be hard to tell apart. This goes to say that I have been generally overwhelmed in the best sense of the word. I really am just waiting for the day when I wake up here in the residencia and it doesn’t feel like a dream. Until then I’ll keep eating my way through all the montaditos I can order!


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