So far on this trip I’ve been eager to try new things and this especially applies to ordering food at restaurants. While I know basic words for like eggs and ham, there are many phrases on a menu that my high school Spanish classes simply did not prepare me for. When everyone in my group ordered “huevos rotus con patatas y jamon” I decided to be a little adventurous and order “huevos rotus con patatas y gulas.” I asked my friend Esteban, who hails from Mexico and fluent in Español, what “gulas” were, even he didn’t know.




Welp “gulas” is baby eel. My friends were astonished at the earthworm looking things on my plate and one decided to google it. The table filled with some laughter, but this time the joke was on them. What looked like an episode of fear factor to some was in fact me fulfilling my goal of trying new things. You don’t come to Spain to just eat ham and eggs every meal…..and let me tell you it turns out that baby eel is freaking delicious.


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