All Life is an Experiment

From the Sunshine State, growing up with manatees, surfing the Atlantic, Swamp loving, and Gator Nation living, to the Venice of the North, dynamic cultural intrigue, Mariinsky ballet, studying on the Gulf of Finland, and a mysterious, evolved Soviet community.

Accompany me, Rachel E, a 22 year old, Florida native and University of Florida student as I embark on my first journey abroad to St. Petersburg, Russia!

In my arsenal I’ll have: in-depth knowledge from my European and Russian studies background, a Sony A6000 camera, an insatiable appetite for exploration and learning, and the support of Gator Nation and YOU! In this adventure we will expand our cultural horizons into the influential, enigma, and Global superpower that is the Russian Federation. I’ll be studying at Russia’s oldest academic institution: Saint Petersburg State University, which sits pristinely on the Gulf of Finland, while living in the heart of downtown. I seek depth in Russian society: art, music, its’ citizens, food, abounding landscape, traditions, contemporary values, and vast community. But this is, most importantly, a resource for you, мои друзья (my friends)! So please contact me via comments or email (, asking questions, inquiring deeper into Russian topics, suggesting to see more or less of something, and advising activities or adventures for me! I’m here as your guide and vicarious opportunist, and I can’t wait to begin this journey together!

p.s.- below are a few photos from my first few days in Russia!

ура! (cheers!),

Rachel E

 photo DSC00273.jpg

My school, Saint Petersburg State University!

 photo DSC00250.jpg

A photo of me in front of a monument to Nicholas I, a ruler of Russia

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