12 Interesting Facts about Vietnam

  1.  If someone from Northern, Central, and Southern Vietnam were put in the same room, they would not understand one another. Vietnamese is a tonal based language (words are based off of high, low, or short pitches). Each region stresses each word differently, thus changing the meaning of the word or making it extremely difficult for someone of another region to understand.
  2. Sidewalks are not really used for walking, but primarily for parking.
  3. In Vietnam the most common means of transportation are motorbikes. Cars here actually pose a danger and for that reason if you purchase a car you will be taxed between 100%-200% of the price of the actual car.
  4. Small tire stations are commonly found on the side of the road.
  5. Vietnam is a cash based society, it is very uncommon for anyone to have a bank account or own a credit or debit card.
  6. Prices in Vietnam are very cheap compared to the American Standard, meals are normally between $1-$3 and often times in some areas drinks, such as smoothies or soda, or desserts cost more than food, ranging from $1-$8. This might due to the fact that drinks and desserts are a luxurious item, so normally those of higher status can afford to purchase these items.
  7. Approximately 50% of jobs in Vietnam are illegal. These jobs often include vendors in the streets, who will often try to sell goods, food, or flowers to make a living, but are not licensed to do so. They normally pick a street to sell their goods or will rent out a small area in front of someone’s home or office building.
  8. “White- skin” is considered beautiful. This notion of aesthetic is based off of the idea that if you are tan you have a hard, laborious job working outdoors, such as farmers; however, if you are light-skinned it is believed you have a prestigious career working indoors. Additionally, beauty here is also highly influenced by Koreans.
  9. “You are what you eat,” is a strong belief here in Vietnam. Individuals will often eat the brains of animals to try to improve their intelligence or goat breasts to grow larger breasts.
  10. Masculinity is associated with drinking black coffee, drinking beer, and eating meat; thus, if you are vegan and do not drink beer or coffee, someone might believe that you are gay.
  11. Autism is not yet recognized as a mental disability in Vietnam
  12. The entire city of Ho Chi Minh City has free wifi!

In the Streets of Ho Chi Minh City, with during rush hour.

Earthenware restaurant, meal for three was only 160,000 VND total, which is approximately $7.27.

An small area in China Town, district 5 of Ho Chi Minh City. Off center you will see two vendors with their carts. Carts are mobile, so at the advent of police appearing, vendors can easily move and hide.

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