The Writings on the Wall

Signing on, again.

Hello, from Florida!

The weather’s hot and humid, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. It’s been three weeks since I’ve come home from my trip to Russia, and since then I have settled into the usual working regime. Sometimes the nostalgia hits harder than usual and all I want to do is buy a plane ticket, right then and there.

My family and friends have been asking me about my travels, my experiences, and the overall outlook of my trip. All I could say was that this study abroad trip was an experience I’ll never forget nor regret. I proceeded to retell story after story of my mini trips and interesting encounters, both the good and the bad. I recalled the new things I learned and the things that were so different. I reminisced about the memories I made with my new friends and the places that we went. I miss them all dearly, and hope to see them again some day!

If I had another opportunity to study abroad, I’d do it in a heartbeat, and wouldn’t look back. Experiences like these don’t always come around, so for that reason I think I’ll take what I can, and do what I can.

Until next time!

Signing off. ✌


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