It’s My Turn Now, Baby.

The time is upon us. Or well, me. But you guys can be a part of my adventure too. In just a few short days I’ll be high tailing my butt to Miami and hopping aboard a plane to Paris. My flight takes off at 6:30pm EST and I land at 9:30am Paris time on July 16th. I’ll be arriving in France a few days earlier than some of my other classmates, as my program doesn’t officially start until the 18th. So I get two days to myself in the city of love. I’m pretty sure its gonna capture heart as soon as I leave the airport. But I’m not letting myself feed into my excitement too much. I have too much to do.

And of course, in typical Shanna fashion, I have left all of these things to do until the last minute. I’ve spent most of my summer working, and most of the money I made is saved. (Debatable.) The one thing I can’t stop saying is “It’s finally my turn!”

You see, my friends abandoned me this summer. My best friend Cassie went on the UF in Florence trip, my other best friend Talia is in California, and my roommates decided to study in Guatemala for two months. So it was just me, my family (who loves me so much but complains about the contents of my apartment taking up their home), and the office. If I didn’t work with such amazing people, and if navigating a medical profession didn’t keep me on my toes this summer, I might have gone mad.

Well, actually I may have gone mad. About five weeks into the summer I adopted a puppy. I saw him, wanted him, had to have him. He’s a Pomeranian/Shih Tzu and I’m so in love with him. I named him Daario Darcy after a character from Game of Thrones, and Jane Austen’s infamous Mr. Darcy. Daario is a feisty little sweetheart. He almost weighs 3 pounds! I told Cassie that she was gone for too long so I got a dog to fill her void. I’m excited to bring him back to UF with me. I’m not excited about our month apart, however, I think that will be the hardest part of my trip. I’ll have to FaceTime often so he doesn’t forget me.

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My smol son 🐶 @daariothedog

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But getting back to my trip, packing hasn’t been easy. I managed to pack everything besides the stuff I’m using up until my trip. Cassie came over to help me pack, being that she’s an expert now after her six weeks abroad, and we argued over shoes for a good half hour. Apparently packing twelve pairs of shoes is “outrageous and unrealistic.” But I need options! I got so stressed sorting through my shoes and picking which ones stayed and which ones go that my nose started bleeding. Such is the life of a fashionista. (I ended up packing seven, and then squeezing in another pair later. Don’t tell Cassie!)

My dad and I weighed my big suitcase tonight. First time we got 53 pounds. It needs to be at 50 if I don’t plan on bringing anything home with me. After deciding to put my towel in a different bag and taking out the adapter I got it down to 50 pounds. But being the nervous person that I am I took out a few more things and had to make some harsh decisions. Away went my velvet hangers and third pair of jeans. Currently sitting at 45 pounds, I am good to go!

Its hard to explain the rising feeling of anticipation that has been building in me for months now. Ever since I applied to this program its been all I can talk about. I’ve been practicing my French, and hitting the books. (My lovely required reading.) I’m ready to immerse myself in a world completely different than the one I know. But let’s just hope I make it through airport security first.

Bon Voyage!



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