Week 11: Helsinki Eats

Hello everyone! This week I’m going to tell you all the best places to eat in Helsinki if you ever visit and you definitely should! I am vegetarian so all of these places will have some vegetarian food! 🙂

The first place I love going to is Maya Bar & Grill. This restaurant is in the city center, right next to the central railway station. Maya has delicious Mexican food and great drink specials! I personally like to order a 2 or 3 of their appetizers as my entre to have a variety of options. My all time favorite is the goat cheese quesadillas! They are so yummy on their own or even with a little bit of their side spicy sauces.


Secondly, being Indian I had to find a place that serves decent curries. I don’t know why but Helsinki has so many Indian/Nepalese restaurants, which are all amazing! My go to one is Satkar, which is across from Kamppi. I have been there so many times that the staff know me and I have a table there, haha! Satkar’s spicy level is on point and I know that because I love my food extra spicy! I have tried many different options from the menu and they are all great. The service at Satkar is probably the best in all of Helsinki. The staff are always very friendly and accommodate to your needs. The food is always prepared in a timely fashion with just the right portions sizes.


Next, a great lunch place with a cozy vibe is Lucha Loco. I always go for their Taco Buffet, which is only 12.50 euros for unlimited tacos (my dream come true). By now I’m sure you can tell I love spicy foods. Anyways Lucha Loca has a variety of toppings to choose from even for vegetarians! For my first couple tacos, I try a couple different style tacos as the toppings slightly change from day to day. They have this feta cheese quinoa salad topping which pairs well with lime and red and green salsas. The staff here is also another plus to visiting. They are super friendly and always smiling adding to the brightness of the restaurant.


Cholo, Cholo, Cholo! This place is an adorable hole in the wall café style restaurant and has the best burritos and salad bowls. They have a small yet great selection of spicy level options. The food tastes very fresh and healthy in a good way 🙂 This restaurant is partnered with Lucha Loco.


Lastly for this list is Just Vege. A great place for vegetarians and vegans, they serve different style falafels. This is only place I have not been multiple times so far but I just had to write about it because of how yummy my falafel was! It is another hole in the wall place with not much seating but definitely worth visiting! I ordered a juice shot, which was full of nutrients and vitamins from vegetables. It was very good! I also ordered a goat cheese and pesto falafel. So yummy!


Ohmygosh, I’m getting so hungry just thinking about all this food! I need to get to one of these places stat! Some other restaurants worth visiting also include: Manala (Italian), Skiffer (pizza), Voffeli & Kaffeli (waffles), Flores (Mexican), and Corleone (Italian).


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