Week 10: Hukkaputki Student Night


This week I attended Helsinki largest student bar hopping event called, Hukkaputki! It’s basically an event where everyone registers for a team. Then each team is give a list of bars with discounted drinks to visit all over the city. The goal is to buy a drink from as many bars as you can before 11:00pm. Oh, and everyone wears these overalls which are color coordinated with the type of college each student attends. The first time I wore them I honestly felt a bit strange but then after seeing everyone wearing them it was really cool! I loved seeing other student’s overalls to see what kind of badges they had! I think the more badges a student has the more “social” a student is 🙂


Our teams start was at 4:00pm which seemed quite early at the time however, when you’re hopping time goes quite quickly! We visited over 12 different bars having everything from cider to assorted shots to wine and then ending the night with some champagne. Luckily, not all the drinks were sized to standard! I think over half the bars created a special small size for this event, or maybe I’m just used to everything being bigger in the US 😉


At the end of the night you regroup with everyone else and get your event badges. The winning team receives a prize and then everyone heads over to the after party at some club. This year we went to Apollo. I really liked the set up of the club; there was an upstairs portion with a view of the lower level. Upstairs there were different bars where everyone could drink and watch the performers and then you go downstairs to dance. We had a couple more drinks at the club before calling it a night.


I would compare this event to Gator Stomping in Gainesville. It is the same concept of bar hopping with friends. Hukkaputki’s competition aspect might have been the only difference of the two events making it more entertaining. Overall it was a great experience and I am glad was able to participate in it!


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