Here Comes Goodbye, but Not for Too Long

Hello, friends!

The last couple weeks have been eventful and equally precious. We have been growing closer to students from USF, and together we have been going on many adventures.

In class, I, along with the other heritage speakers have learned to stick together. Though there are few of us, I wouldn’t want it any other way. While learning grammar in a way that seems backwards seemed daunting at first, correcting my grammar along with my peers has been an experience in itself. Since we grew up speaking Russian, we ended up placing into a more advanced class; however, since we skipped the elementary courses, we were never officially taught grammar rules. Our dilemma lies in the fact that although we understand how grammar sounds, we have trouble understanding the reason why it sounds that way or how it should look formally on paper. Nonetheless, my time studying here has been a wonder. Classes may be coming to a close and our exams are almost over, but my time spent perfecting my Russian in real life situations has left me more confident in my abilities, and for that I am thankful.

Officially, five weeks have past since I’ve come to this beautiful country, and this final week has been looming over my head, with each moment – each memory, becoming more bittersweet than the last. Though the bittersweet is clouding and my mixed feelings are a bit overwhelming at times, I have to admit, my experience of Russian life, culture, and history was the more than I could have ever imagined.

Tula’s Kremlin – We were allowed to walk along the wall itself.

Restoration in Effect -We were the first people allowed inside to see the restoration in progress since the cathedral was closed to visitors ten years ago.

I feel blessed in so many ways and am thankful for every moment of my journey. God really does have a sense of humor! From the very beginning, I kept coming up short on faith, worrying about my lack of finances, my safety, my ability to adapt to Russian life; however, as each punch came rolling in, they seemed to miss me with every swing. My trip lined up perfectly, time wise, financially, and was organized. Every situation amazed me. There has been so many instances in which our partaking should have been impossible, really; however, everything fell into place, the weather was the rarest ideal, transport was efficient and timely, and what was lost was found!

Moscow City, Moscow, Russia

UF plus two MVPs

MVP #1

MVP #2

These two wonderful people helped make my journey a true experience of life. From correcting my grammar to showing me what seems like the world, these friends are family through and through.

As my journey comes to a close, I find myself desperately trying to absorb everything one last time. I’m still here for a couple days, yet I’ve already started feeling nostalgic. I still have some time to spend with close friends, yet I already miss them dearly. I still have some time to see something new, yet I have no time at all.

Russia, a place of history, culture, and beauty, has captured my attention. Thank you, Russia!

Until next time!

Signing off. ✌


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