11 Reasons Why Gators Should Study in Barcelona

1. The ridiculous amount of coffee shops caters well to the average college students caffeine addiction.

2. The metro system is easier to navigate than RTS.

3. Spaniards love naps just as much as you do.

4. There is no shame in eating appetizers as your main meal.

 photo 13255993_10208095946149571_6083393262477778329_n_zpskgjrvcxb.jpg

5. You’ll feel as at home walking through the craziness of La Rambla as you would walking through Turlington.

6. You can sip on a fruity cocktail whenever you want.

 photo 13096034_10207961661232532_7913837022162267349_n_zpszl0tcbli.jpg

7. Air drying clothes takes a little bit of effort out of doing laundry.

8. FCB games get rowdier than Saturdays in the Swamp

 photo 13244716_10208041171060228_9049775318668690556_n_zpsr3cmcnti.jpg

9. The architecture is slightly better than what you might find on UF’s campus.

 photo 13102873_10207979689523228_3402041815192801826_n_zpsogpq2uca.jpg

10. You won’t be dying of heat stroke like you would in Gainesville.

11. It’s simply one of the most amazing cities ever.


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