Week 2

My favorite thing about Berlin is its rich history.

I like visiting the Wall and learning more about the history of Germany.

I love the architecture and old buildings.

I love that there is barely any litter on the streets. I haven’t even found any coins lying about on the roads, and I am a master coin-finder let me tell you!

I had my first experience paying for the toilet this week. It was really exciting actually. I walked up to the restroom and put one euro in the slot, and even received a ticket!

It was like queuing up for an amusement park ride! I enjoyed every part…except for the whole fact that it costs one euro to go to the bathroom! There was even a lady who watched over the bathroom to make sure we payed for it.

My least favorite thing is that I experienced quite a bit of rudeness from certain people. I was in Saturn, an electronics store, and a worker told me the store was closing, turned and said “ugh, the English” and rudely walked away. Another time, I was taking a photo of my subject for the slide show on the escalator and a man bumped into me and scowled at me. He continued to scowl at me on the s-bahn until the doors closed. It was startling. Of course everyone wasn’t rude, but it was the first time I had ever experienced any negative comments about my nationality before.

I also didn’t realize that the language barrier would be such an issue for me, but it was really difficult to acquire directions at times and I kept missing the train, bus or subway. This along with not having a working cell phone became a real issue when trying to communicate with people. I could not look up GPS to help me with directions, and I could not contact my subject for the project to let him know I was running late or had missed the train. I didn’t realize proper communication was so important before this trip. It made me really appreciate internet connection and cell phone service!

Finding a subject was also really difficult because the people in Berlin seem to be so modest about their crafts and resist being photographed.

It took me three different people and many hours of frustration and panic to actually find a person willing to be my subject for the project.

I can’t believe my time in Berlin is coming to an end.

I will miss how beautiful the street art is, along with the old buildings and street artists.

But I will most especially miss my amazing roommates who I have gotten to be good friends with in these last two weeks! Love you guys!


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