Week 1

Hello my lovely readers!

Today marks the end of my first week in Berlin. So far I’ve had quite a brilliant time. The weather has been cold (yay for the heavy coat I bought) and sometimes rainy, but Berlin’s graffiti makes up for it.

Street art covers the walls, posts and everywhere else in sight.

I thought I would find it hard to travel around without a car, because let’s face it, the taxi drivers in Berlin are quite scary indeed; however, all I have to do is make it to Alexanderplatz and I can make it back to the hotel!

Speaking of the Transit Loft Hotel,

the towels are very stiff, the shower water is fickle, the internet is spotty, and the bed pillows are flat. I used my converter for my hair dryer and it still fried! I have no clue how that happened, so my suggestion to all you lovely ladies out there is to use the hotel blow dryer. Even though it overheats after ten minutes, it still gets the job done- eventually.

Another issue can be roommates. I have 3 roommates and for some, that may cause friction, but I happened to luck out with mine. On the trip, I spent the most time with them, so I would recommend choosing people who are at least halfway tolerable.




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