Too Good to Be True

I am sitting on my couch at home in Miami contemplating changing out of my pajamas and potentially starting my day. It is 2:30pm. I have not left this spot since I woke up, my fingers attached to my keyboard as I look up train & airplane fares and airbnb prices; option after option after option. I haven’t started my Study Abroad program yet but I am already planning on where to go during free days. I’m hoping to at least make a dent in the list of cities I want to visit in Europe. It’s wishful thinking that I’ll get through a list of 25 plus cities but I will sure go down trying.

While it’s T-minus 3 days until I arrive in Paris and I don’t feel prepared to start my summer abroad. I have received a plethora of texts from friends and family asking if I was prepared to leave and had everything ready but I’m not sure what that meant. Sure, I have my flight itinerary ready and passport located but other than packing I’m not sure what I’m missing. However, this morning I started writing down potential things I would need to do before I leave and the list keeps on getting longer and longer, one of the items on that list in this blogpost; at least I can check something off my list. I still have to call my credit card company, get my prescriptions, buy essential toiletries and of course pack.

Packing in the one thing I have been putting off all weekend. It is obviously the one thing everyone, and mostly girls, dread about leaving their house for more than a week. Looking at the weather in Paris now, it is 55 degrees as opposed to 90 here in Miami. This makes choosing what clothes to take even harder because I have to pack for cooler spring days and the summer heat which I’m sure is imminent. Thankfully, I have my mom to help me. She is the queen of packing and I’m the queen of not overpacking. One of my better qualities is that I know when I won’t need something, I am happy to leave things behind. Sometimes less is more. What this actually means is that I’m happy to leave it behind so I can buy it in Paris. Maybe I should start packing.

Putting off packing however, does not mean that my excitement is not real. This summer just seems too good to be true. I had given up on my dream to study abroad after my 3rd year. It just did not seem plausible. But I made it happen. I am going to happily take french and art classes all summer and eat my way through Europe. Next time you hear from me I will be across the Atlantic probably writing with a croissant in hand.



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