The countdown to adventure begins…

Three days and I’ll be on an international flight to Moscow. It’ll be my first time flying across the Atlantic, and my first time abroad. Six months ago, the idea of being in another country was fascinating, and I did everything I had to do to be prepared for this journey: I got my very first passport; I applied for the Russian Program in Moscow with my university; I went through the process of scholarship applications; and finally, I got my visa. Each step I completed solidified the reality of my new venture; however, with every step the nervousness began to set in.

I realized that I won’t be surrounded by familiar life and familiar faces. I won’t be able to just hop into my car if I have someplace to go. What if I get lost in a foreign airport and miss my connecting flight? What if I get so homesick that I end up not enjoying my time abroad?

In spite of being terrified of these possible realities and the fact that I’ll probably feel lonely for awhile before I adjust, I find myself getting more excited, more anxious (in a good way), and more determined to take Moscow by storm.

Signing off. ✌



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