Getting Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime

Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine. The ability to explore the world at the cusps of adulthood, to  experience different cultures, and to see sights of major historical significance. This has always appeared to be an abstract dream, the location, season, and length changed constantly in my mind throughout the years. Flash forward to the present where I am frantically attempting to prepare myself for, arguably, the best summer of my life.

From the moment I was accepted into the program, like the type A personality I am, I started to look up Study Abroad tips and places to visit. There are about 2,900,000 links on what you should and should not bring when you study abroad. It seemed like everyone in the world had an opinion on what I should bring, do, and go to. I simultaneously got very nervous and excited. So in an effort to help any and all future readers avoid confusion and stress I have the highlights of my research. One of the most prominent suggestions was to purchase a GoPro camera. These cameras are made to be life proof, and are compact so they do not take up too much space. The cameras also have many incredible capabilities to help capture every second of your time abroad. Another purchasing tip was to buy a hard case suitcase. They deter bedbugs, or make it more difficult for them to attach themselves to the suitcases. Anything and everything to keep creepy crawlies away from me is a top priorities.

A major safety tip I came across was to travel in packs. Tourists have always been easy targets, but I assume that students are more targeted. I was also advised to know the location of the US embassy in all the nations that I visit. The last tip that I will share, the one that resonated the most with me, was to travel with an open mind and spirit. To experience everything Europe has to offer, and to enjoy the simple moments. I hope that these tips are helpful to anyone considering or planning on studying abroad. Words cannot express the excitement I have for this summer, and cannot wait to share my experience with you!


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