Week 6: Stockholm, Sweden!

Week 6: Stockholm, Sweden!

Oh wow! Stockholm is absolutely gorgeous! I arrived in Stockholm early Friday morning, had a big breakfast at our HTL hotel. Then went on to wander the lively streets full of shoppers, protesters, performers, and tourists. With an H&M enclosing EVERY street, shopping was a must, hehe. Overheard in some tours the Swedish are very peaceful people who have no interest in participating in wars to take over the world. However, they do intend to take over the fashion world as Sweden comprises of one of most innovative countries when it comes new, elaborate, mass produced designs. After a few hours of wandering through shops and already draining my wallet we decided to stop for a coffee and cake. It was my first time trying traditional Swedish Princess Cake, which is basically a sponge cake with thick whipped-cream and decorated with fruity-flavored pink and lime green icing. I have to say it was a bit sweet but, tasted very good with a cup of coffee.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 3.11.10 PM.png

Then in the evening, we walked to old town to have dinner at Hermitage vegetarian buffet restaurant, which was very yummy! I had some lentil soup, baked vegetable pizza, quinoa, and assorted hummus with bread (pictured above). After dinner we walked around the port and then called it an early night in with movies.

The next day we explored the markets and headed out towards the harbor to the Moderna Museet (Modern Art Museum). On the way their we ran into many, many dogs and decided to start a game of naming each one we saw J Kind of a silly thing to do but ended up being quite fun throughout the rest of our trip! While walking to the Moderna Museet we noticed the East Asian Archaeology & Art Museum and made a stop. They had some silly coloring activities and games to channel our inner 5-year-old selves. After, we continued walking and finally found the Modern Art Museum! We saw various exhibitions by artists such as Andy Warhol, Yoke, Marcel Duchamp, and so many more! We ended the exhibitions pretending to be architects by designing our own buildings out building blocks.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 3.11.33 PM.png

The activity on our agenda the Stockholm Free City Tour: Old Town! We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Max Burgers right before the tour started. Our guide took us through the Swedish parliament, Stockholm Palace, Royal Swedish Opera, and the house of nobility. Our tour guide couldn’t have been more information and hilarious at the same time! It was interesting because he living in Sweden was a traveler from the US doing city tours to support his adventurous. Gamla stan (old town) Stockholm is breathtaking with its colorful streets, cozy cafes, and numerous tourist shops. I could spend hours walking through here looking at all the buildings. Fun fact: the tour guide told us that the anchors on the walls of each building tell you the decade the buildings were built. It’s incredible how well preserved everything here still is. We ended the tour at another harbor overlooking the sunset. Today couldn’t have been more perfect!





From the harbor we went to a bar for dinner and drinks. Now I can’t remember the name of the bar however, it quite popular! People apparently get there at 3 or 4 on Saturdays to reserve a table, madness! After a few hours of drinking we were finally seated and I enjoyed a large plate of nachos! Afterwards we went back to the hotel bar, had some wine, and then went to club nearby to check out Stockholm nightlife. The club was very busy, had great music, excellent drinks, and a good crowd. ‘Twas a good night.

Sunday morning we woke up early for the Stockholm city tour! We grabbed some Espresso House coffee and 7-Eleven croissants to accompany us along the tour. Again, our tour guide was pleasantly hilarious and very knowledgeable about the city. He entertained us with funny but true stories of how Stockholm came to be the way it is today!



(In honor of Prime Minister, Olof Palme – shot on 28 February 1986)

Following the tour we went to lunch at TGIFriday’s since I was missing some American food. I ordered the amazing endless appetizers dish was thoroughly satisfied after 4 separate starters. Then, we went around the rest of shops that we’d missed on Friday.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 3.18.00 PM.png

Monday, we went to the most famous building in Sweden, Stockholm City hall for its romantic city views. City hall is famous for grand design, numerous works of art, and the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet. After spending some time being touristy with a selfie-stick we then went to some souvenir shops and headed to the airport thus ended our trip.





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