Tick Tock

Tick. Tock. Tick.  Tock.

This is the sound of the clock counting down how many days I have left in London.  I feel as if I just got here yesterday and have been living here my whole life at the same time.  I only have 27 days left until I go home.  With this being said, all of my future travel arrangements have been booked and finalized.  I am going to Edinburgh this weekend.  The next weekend my friend Kelly is visiting London from Paris, so I am going to show her around London.  Then I go to Belfast.  This will complete my exploration of the UK.  I will have been to some part of each country in the United Kingdom.  I have been to Wales, I live in England, and I am visiting Northern Ireland, and Scotland very soon.  The UK is a very interesting combination of countries and I have really enjoyed learning about how it functions while living here.  I will definitely keep up with UK politics and issues when I go back home.  I am very interested to see how the UK is going to vote in the upcoming EU referendum.  After living in London for three months, I have gained some insight on the reasons for leaving and staying.  This is a very important decision that will shape the future for the UK.  I cannot wait to see the final outcome.

I only have four more weeks left of my internship and two weeks left of classes.  This means that final exams and projects are almost due.  We have to write a three thousand word report for our internship class on the company we are currently interning with.  The report is essentially an organizational analysis.  We also have a group presentation due for this class as well.  For my British Life and Business class, I have a final exam in two weeks and a two thousand word paper on British culture due.  I have found it slightly challenging to try to get all of these tasks done while trying to explore as much of London that I still possibly can.  This point in time is very weird because we still have a small chunk of time left here, but it does not feel this way at all.  I still want to visit the London Zoo, go inside Westminster Abbey, visit Downing Street and take a day trip to Brighton.  Of course, I would do so much more in London if I could but this is what I have narrowed down my huge list to.  I will be very content if I could accomplish all of these last minute excursions with the time I have remaining in England.

Easter in the English country-side was so nice. Here is a beautiful photograph that I took of the scenery.

Sheep in the English Country-side

My sister, mother, and I got to pet a sheep on Easter.  This is one of the most spring-y things I have ever done. The sheep’s name was Tinkerbell.  She was so sweet. Here is a picture of her.


Apparently we had been just a little too early for Lambing season though.  The farm was going to have more then ten new baby lambs born on April first.  I am sure they are really cute now that they are born.  I am almost tempted to go back to visit our friends up north again so I can see and pet some baby lambs!  So cute!

Here’s to hoping I get all of my school work done, so I can continue to enjoy my final month left in England. (And to hoping I get to pet a lamb sometime soon.)


Jennifer Saporito


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