Waters of March

Hello my lovely readers.

Remember how I said Spring had officially started in Reims? I take that back. It has been raining every single day again. I am so ready for some steady sunlight. It’s kind of funny to look back and remember how excited I was for cold/cloudy/rainy weather. Having lived in Brazil and Florida all my life, I was craving something different. But now that I know how the other side is, I will be cherishing sunny days for the rest of my days 😛

School is coming to an end. Last week of April will be my last week of classes. After that, we will have final exams sometime during May. I have mixed feelings since I am beyond tired with this semester already, but I don’t want this experience to come to an end. But we can’t stop time and life goes on. Ultimately, I think that’s the beauty of life. To always be changing, finding new challenges to tackle, making memories along the way, and just living and learning. I think this mindset is one of the biggest motivators I have waking up in the morning each day.

I can’t post an update without addressing the terror attacks that happened in Brussels the other day. My thoughts on that are there is so much sadness in the world. I just don’t understand… In France nothing really changed. Since I have arrived here in January, the country is still on state of emergency. The army is everywhere. Honestly, I feel safer like this. As we have observed, Europe seems to be so vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Because of that, I am glad to be in the countryside feeling somewhat protected since so far only the big cities have been targets for these radical groups.

Talking about big cities, I had plans to visit a good friend of mine in Paris this weekend. After this tragedy I am definitely having second thoughts, but as the French say: On n’a même pas peur. Which means something along the lines of “(even after what happened) we are still not afraid”. We have to keep living our normal lives. We have no control of our destiny and if we have to die in a car accident today, we will. It doesn’t have to be in a terrorist attack. The point is to not refrain from living. We can’t let these misfortunes dictate the way we live. We only live once, right? So let’s live. Today!

PS.: for those who didn’t understand my blog title, it’s from a 1972 song from a great Brazilian Bossa Nova singer called Elis Regina. You should stop everything you’re doing right now and enjoy this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3oNSFQVzNM Promise you’ll love it.


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